Top Biggest Electric Company, Electricity In United States 2019

As you know, both regulated and deregulated states of the United States are quite the same in delivering their power to their energy clients. This also helps keep the transmission equipment.
There are a few of them serving one single community while a lot of others have developed into the primary power delivery service serving countless people across one state. Below is the list of the top biggest electric companies in the United States:
1. Pacific Gas & Electric Company, CA
PG & E Company in California is known as the country’s biggest electric utility with over 5.5 million clients across California. According to the company, its main utility for a few of the State’s most densely populated cities, such as Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Diego.
As estimated, the average number of outages per client each year will be 1.5. For the length of outage per person, each year is about 374.9 minutes.
2. Southern California Edison, CA 
The second biggest utility would be another California electric giant – Southern California Edison. With almost 5.1 million clients, SCE is claimed to deliver power to Los Angeles as well as shares its territory with the Pacific Gas & Electric Company in San Diego and Santa Barbara.
The average number of outages for each customer each year will be around 1.2. For the average length of outage per client, every year is 139.7 minutes.
3. Commonwealth Edison Co., IL 
It’s surely the biggest utility firm that can deliver power to 70% of the State’s whole population. First owned by Thomas Edison, the company has developed into the leading utility company in Chicago, Lake County, DuPage County, etc.
As claimed, the number of outages for each client each year is around 0.8. As it comes to the length of outage per client each year will be 95.3 minutes.
4. Florida Power & Light, FL
Florida Power & Light is the largest electricity utility in Sunshine State with nearly 4.9 million clients and 10 million people in Florida. It specializes in generating, transmitting, distributing and selling electric energy. Besides, the FPL  also serves both local residents and business owners in Broward, Miami Dade, and Palm Beach counties plus other smaller nations from North to South Florida.
As estimated, the average number of outages per person each year is 2.0. For the length of outage per client, each year is 3,962.5 minutes.
5. Consolidated Edison Co., NY
Consolidated Edison Company is the main electric utility for all New Yorkers, specialized in offering and maintaining power service for almost 3. 5 million residents and business clients. These both live in New York City and Westchester County, and it’s claimed to deliver gas to nearly 1.1 million clients in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Westchester, Richmond, and Kings.
As claimed, its average number of outages per person each year is 0.1 while the length of outage per person each year is 20.6.
So now you’ve already known the latest updates about today’s top largest electric company, electricity in the United States. Based on this ranking, it’s easy to know which one has high-quality performances.


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